Friday, March 12, 2010

First post

Well this is my first post, my name is Melissa and I am an artist. I love to paint draw and make jewlery, and am in love with etsy. I am 20 (tommorow) and am in college as an art major. My art teacher had me look up a bunch of blogpages and I thought that it would be a good way to keep track of my art progress. So here we go!

I started out in art in the begining of highschool. I was told that I couldnt draw worth a two year old. And, being stubborn, I bought a sketch book and taught myself. 6 years later here I am!

But here is my first painting (sold). This is a nude that I painted last year in the studio, part of a series of nudes in bold colors. A women had me add on her tattoo to the side of it and, though I liked it better before, it was very pleasing to add the personal touch for her.

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